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King souljah Kaduna’s Richest Rapper
mourns the current state of mind at which Kaduna’s Entertainerment is at.

Earlier last time i checked
And so far I can remember I talked about
“Why I can’t Quit Music”

In which I spoke about the event which was going to be a homicide to the thought of quitting music.

Am disappointed in some of these entertainers
Its pathetic to see some of these heads that are suppose to be role models to the younger generation
Messing things up at the moment.
I won’t want to start calling names Already when the concerned know am speaking about them.

I am Souljah and to every step I take
I pay for it
I pay for the sacrifices I make
I pay for everything I mean everything
And I’m willing to pay more till these big dreams of mine comes and my goals achieved
After finally making it,
I owe no one a piece of achievement when I finally make it.

Don’t sleep on my words
Keep your hands crossed as I be
Releasing some of my projects I’ve been working on lately,
These songs would give you a second thought in everything you do.

Braah….!!! Raaaah!!!

  1. – King souljah