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“I can’t Quit Music King Souljah”
King Souljah whose full name is Abdullateef Modak Akinade
Popularly known as KD Richest Rapper (RRIK)
Northern Richest Rapper (NRR)
King of Engausa (KOE)
Arewa Gabakidaya Nawane
In a chat with 9jaflavour media revealed that he can’t quit music
My whole upbringing has been inside the walls of Kaduna
I can still remember how rough it did start.
My Music didn’t just start
And my success to this time didn’t just happen all at once.
Beside been an artist
I am a successful business man
I guess that brought along the tag name “Richest Rapper”
The thought of me quitting music
Brought me back to something I learned Just because I could do other things didn’t mean I couldn’t also do professional music.
Back to my previous works
I have also work with Godwon, Abuja’s Gospel Artist Samsung, Chaka Dezzle, Umar M Sheriff, Danny Saint many others I can’t call its a long list.
Currently working on some projects i haven’t officially released
Which includes
Emmdizzle, BOC, IBI and many others.
How can “Kaduna’s Richest Rapper” Quit music?
I don’t think quitting is an option for me at the moment
Cos the empire I have always fantasized in my dreams is just starting now.
Let me use this time and invite you, don’t sleep on this keep your hands crossed
A night with me King Souljah will never be boring
Let me not say much give it a trial
Am hosting an event soon
An event where your dream to see most of these Northern Superstars would

Am hosting a Genocide where the thought of Quitting Music won’t survive.
A true King’s passion for the true culture of music will Revive.
Join hands let’s make my Dream come true.
Praaaah!!! Raaah!!!
King Souljah.